Ecological logo of the European Union

The EU organic logo provides a consistent visual identity for organic products in the European Union. It makes it easier for consumers to identify organic products and for farmers to market them in all EU countries.

The logo can only be used on products certified as organic by an authorized control agency or body. The certification confirms that they meet strict conditions of production, transformation, transport and storage. A product can only bear the organic logo if it contains at least 95% organic ingredients and if the remaining 5% meets strict conditions. The same ingredient cannot be present in an ecological and non-ecological form.

Next to the organic logo of the EU must be indicated the code number of the control body, as well as the place of production of the agricultural raw materials that make up the product.

The logo is mandatory for most organic products and must be displayed according to specific regulations. The aim is to avoid consumer confusion, help maintain confidence in organic food and support inspection regimes.

The logo should be used in:

  • all packaged EU food products that are produced and sold as organic in the EU.

The logo can be used in:

  • imported products, if they comply with the EU rules on importing organic products;
  • unpacked organic products;
  • organic EU products marketed in markets of non-EU countries;
  • within the framework of information campaigns aimed at making citizens aware of the organic sector of production (as long as it does not mislead or lead people to believe that a non-organic product meets the requirements of an organic product).

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